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Bio: Alton Reynolds

Alton-photo 10-23-15Alton M. Reynolds has a Master’s Degree in Psycho-educational Processes, the psychology of learning and is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Alton has more than twenty years of experience in Behavioral Health and the field of healthcare. He has been Adjunct Faculty at Drexel University in Philadelphia, teaching a course in the dynamics of decision-making. He has special interest in life crisis situations, assessments and solution planning with his clients. Further, he uses hypnotic regression techniques to expedite client progress related to a wide array of personal challenges, including but not limited to smoking cessation, weight issues, motivation, and stress reduction. Alton works with both female and male clients with a special interest in male life issues.

atlanta hypnotherapy, lenticular clouds at sunset Alton has been retained over the years by numerous national and international Behavioral Healthcare companies on a consulting basis. He presently conducts clinical assessments at numerous Atlanta Metropolitan Hospitals, working with pediatric, adolescent, adults, and geriatric clients. He is available to speak to business groups, social, academic, religious, and civic organizations upon request. He is available by telephone to briefly answer questions related to his practice and schedule client appointments as indicated.